Ankles Swelling? How A Lymphatic Massage Can Help


If you have a problem with swollen ankles, there are causes for this. One thing you may have is lymphedema. You should see your doctor to make sure this is what is causing this. If so, one thing you can do to help you is a lymphatic massage that is done by a massage therapist. Below is information about lymphedema and how a lymphatic massage helps with this. 


Lymphedema is often caused by cancer treatment, but it can also happen for no apparent reason. This disorder causes your tissues to swell because fluid builds up in your ankles. It can also cause swelling in other areas, such as your arms and legs. Your lymph nodes are what drain this fluid so if you have lymphedema something is blocking the drainage. 

Your doctor will run tests to diagnose lymphedema, such as an MRI scan, CT scan, ultrasound, and lymphoscintigraphy. The doctor can also diagnose you by simply looking at your ankles. They will also look at other areas of your body. If you have had cancer treatment lately, they may not do any tests as this is the obvious cause of lymphedema. 

Lymphatic Massage

The doctor will suggest different types of treatments to help you with this problem. One treatment they may suggest is getting a lymphatic massage. Make sure the massage therapist you contact has experience with this type of massage. This is also known as lymphatic drainage massage. 

The therapist will gently manipulate your ankle area and anywhere else you have swelling. This helps your lymph nodes move the fluid to another area where lymph vessels are working to drain the fluid. The massage therapist will first do a clearing which is the massage they use to release the lymphatic fluid. They then do reabsorption, which is what moves the fluid to the lymph nodes. 

You will likely not notice a difference if you only see the massage therapist one time. You will need to go several times in most cases to see the best results. Most people do not have any side effects from this type of massage. If you have been going to the massage therapist for a long time and it is not working, your doctor can suggest other types of treatment. 

The massage therapies can go over lymphatic massage with you in much more detail so you can understand how it works. For more information on lymphatic massage, contact a professional near you.


2 March 2023

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