Have Colored Hair? 2 Ways To Keep The Roots Touched Up


If you have colored hair, your roots will start to show over time. Once this happens, you need to touch them up. If your hair color is drastically different than your natural hair color, it is even more important to get them touched up. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this, two of which are listed below. 

Do it Yourself

If you do not want to go back to a hair salon or a spa, you may be able to touch up the roots yourself. There are root sprays that you can purchase from beauty supply stores, online, or through a spa or hair salon. You spray the roots with a light spray until it is the right color. It is important that you ensure you purchase the right color, so the spray matches your hair perfectly. There is also a powder that you can use to do this. A root spray and powder are not permanent solutions but can get you by until you can have the roots touched up professionally. 

You can purchase a box of dye at a beauty store but should only do this if you are experienced. It is easy to do this wrong and you will end up at a spa or beauty salon. There are box dyes that are made for root touchups. The main problem with this is it can be easy to choose the wrong color. For example, you may need to go a shade darker than your current dye color or a shade lighter, to achieve the right color. 

Go to a Spa

If you do not have experience, you should visit a spa to have the root touchup done. Going to a spa is beneficial because while you are there you can get other treatments, such as a facial, massage, and much more. The spa technician will know the right color to use so your hair will look completely natural when they are finished. 

The technician chooses the color and then mixes it up. They apply the color over your roots to blend it in with your natural hair. This color will last until your hair grows and your roots start showing again. You can then return to the spa to have the roots touched up. 

Talk with the spa technician to learn much more about how they touch up roots. They will also tell you tips on keeping your colored hair in good condition, so the color lasts longer.  

For more information about hair color root retouch treatments, contact a local company. 


15 December 2022

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