What's Usually Involved In A Facial For Acne?


Often when you go to have a facial done, you tell the salon professional what issues you'd like the facial to address. If you are someone who struggles with acne breakouts, then the answer is usually pretty clear. You'd like the facial to help manage your acne. So, what might a facial for acne involve? Here are some of the key steps you can expect to experience. 

A Warm Soak or Steam

Most facials for acne start with a warm soak of the skin toward the beginning of the experience. A warm, moist towel may be placed over your face, or a steamer may be placed on your face for a few minutes. The goal is to soften your skin and loosen the contents of your pores so they can more easily be extracted.


While you may have heard all your life that popping pimples is bad, there are actually safe ways for estheticians to pop pimples. They call the procedure "extractions" because it involves extracting the contents of your whiteheads and blackheads. Often, this is done with a special, metal tool that your esthetician presses into the skin at just the right angle. Your skin is sanitized after each extraction to prevent infection.


There is usually an exfoliation step in the acne facial, and it may come before or after the extractions. The goal of exfoliation is to remove all dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This prevents them from building up in your pores and clogging your pores, leading to more acne. In other words, the exfoliation will help keep you from breaking out in the weeks following your facial.


If your esthetician gives you a gentle facial massage, don't be surprised. They may do this with their fingertips or with a special massaging tool. The goal is to increase circulation to your skin, which helps speed the healing of any acne blemishes.

LED Light Treatment

Often, acne facials end with the practitioner exposing your skin to LED light for a few minutes. This helps kill any active acne bacteria, and it may also help stimulate your body's healing process. You won't feel anything but a slight warmth while this is going on.

Facials for acne usually involve several steps, including those described above. Contact a spa or salon near you to learn more about facial treatments, including ones that target acne.  


14 October 2022

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