Want Longer, Fuller Eyelashes? Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have naturally long, full eyelashes, and eyelash extensions have been created to give you the desirable lashes to enhance your eyes. You can visit a beauty specialist who can apply your new eyelash extensions correctly so that they stay on and look the most natural. Here are some additional things that you may want to know if you're considering getting eyelash extensions.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

One of the best things about getting eyelash extensions is that you'll have the chance to choose from several options to find the set that gives you the most satisfying look. Temporary eyelashes can be applied and removed easily without assistance, but you might still want to consult with a beauty professional for additional tips. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are also available and can be applied by a professional who knows how to attach them with semi-permanent glue correctly. You can additionally choose from silk or Korean fiber synthetic eyelashes as well as natural eyelash extensions that are made from materials like fox fur, mink, or sable. You can also ask a beauty expert about water-resistant eyelash extensions if you do a lot of swimming or are exposed to frequent moisture in other ways.

Curl Options

It's even possible to select eyelash extensions by the type of curl that they have. Curl types are classified by certain letters of the alphabet that resemble a particular shape (i.e. C curl, B curl or L curl). Different eyelash extension links are needed for certain curl types, and a beauty expert can help you choose a curl option that will give your eyelashes the most flattering look.

Application Options

You may also select the type of application that you want to receive to achieve the most desirable appearance. For something that's more subtle, you can choose a classic application to improve the look of your eyelashes without going too dramatic. If you want to pump up the volume and go for something that's bolder, a volume eyelash extension application may be to your liking. You can also have a combination of the classic and volume styles by opting for the hybrid application.

Care Tips

Once your eyelash extensions have been applied, it's important that you take good care of them so that they can continue to retain their quality. Some of the best care tips for eyelash extensions include the following:

  • Avoid getting the eyelashes wet within the first 48 hours after application
  • Wash the eyelashes daily (after the initial 48-hour period) with a safe cleanser
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the eyes
  • Brush the lashes daily to avoid tangling or becoming misshaped
  • Use only oil-free cosmetics and makeup removers on the eyelashes 
  • Stay away from extreme heat
  • Avoid pillow pressure to the eyelashes while sleeping

You don't have to settle for having short, thin, or uneven eyelashes. The best extensions can transform your eyelashes. A beauty expert who's experienced in recommending the right types of eyelash extensions and applying them for clients can help you realize your dream of having full, long, and beautiful eyelashes.


26 August 2021

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