How Microblading Works And What It Can Do For You


If you want fuller eyebrows, microblading is a cutting-edge treatment that can help you achieve the right look. This modern treatment has helped many people improve the fullness of their eyebrows in a way that looks natural. Other eyebrow treatments often aren't as effective and only produce temporary results, and microblading can keep your eyebrows looking fuller and richer for the long term.

The Microblading Process

To perform microblading, a qualified technician uses a handheld comb-like instrument that features a tiny disposable blade. The blade consists of a series of small needles that have fine points. These needles penetrate lightly into the skin to deliver cosmetic tattoo ink as the handheld instrument is run across the eyebrow regions that have thinning hair or are totally bare. The ink matches the eyebrow color to create the illusion of having fuller eyebrows.

Comfortable Treatment

The best technicians do everything possible to keep their clients safe and comfortable during each microblading session. To numb any pain you might feel, the technician can apply a topical numbing cream that reduces uncomfortable sensations during the treatment. The most reputable technicians also make sure that their work environments and the tools that they use are hygienic.

Longer Results

Even though the tattoo ink that's used for microblading isn't permanent, the treatment can still give you longer results than other methods. The ink will eventually begin to fade, which will require you to go in for another microblading session if you want to maintain your look, but your results can last anywhere from nine months to three years before additional treatment is needed. 

Experiment with Different Looks

If you want to change the appearance of your eyebrows again after your initial microblading session, you can return to the technician for touch-up treatments. Touch-ups can be made to change the shape or fullness of your eyebrows even more. Color alterations can also be made to give you more desirable results.

Ditch Your Eyebrow Cosmetics

After you've received your brow microblading treatment, you can possibly stop using eyebrow cosmetics altogether. You'll be able to get ready for your day quicker without having to apply as much makeup when you choose to enhance your eyebrows with microblading. You also won't have to worry about eyebrow makeup smearing after you've completed your microblading treatment.

No matter the cause of your thinning eyebrows, microblading can be an effective solution. You'll likely be amazed by the results and want to recommend the treatment to all your friends who want to improve their eyebrow fullness after you've completed your microblading treatment.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers microblading.


22 February 2021

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