Healing Your Body And Improving Your Performance With Sports Massage Therapy


Massage is both an art and a medical treatment. It has been successfully used by human beings for millennia. Holistic healers have used massage therapy for the past 5,000 years or so, according to recorded history. If you play sports or regularly workout, getting a sports massage could be the golden ticket you are looking for to feel comfortable in your body and to remain injury-free. In this article, you can learn more about sports massage therapy so you can book an appointment.

Assess why you would like a massage and rule out other medical problems

Massage therapy is an effective form of pain relief that can keep your body feeling fresh and ready for physical activity. But if you are trying to use massage therapy to treat more serious injuries, it might not be effective until you get to the root of the problem. Go to a sports doctor to rule out fractures or muscle tears that could be causing the pain that you feel. After you have seen the doctor and they rule out anything more serious, you can start looking for a sports massage clinic that can offer you a session.

Find a sports medicine massage clinic and ask about the options

The kind of sports massage that you get can either be preventative or a form of rehabilitation. If it is preventative, you might seek a deep massage before or after physical activity. You can help your muscles heat up and cool down so that you can always be limber and ready for activity. If you need the massage to rehabilitate an injury, you probably will need to bring your medical records and get the massage therapist up to speed on what you hurt and how you hurt it. These massages are generally great at rehabbing joint problems or muscle pulls. A sports massage is especially helpful if you have a nagging injury, like a pulled hamstring.

Many sports massage clinics double as physical therapy centers. If this is the case, they might also apply an ultrasound to your muscles to stimulate a response and loosen it up. Sports massage clinics can also give you treatments like acupuncture, acupressure, and introduce you to other forms of massage therapy. Some other helpful forms of massage therapy include Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, and hot stone massage therapy.

Your body will thank you and your athletic performance can improve when you go in for a sports massage. Contact a company like Sunday Spa Ny for more information. 


23 December 2020

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