3 Ways You Can Effectively Lose Weight


Being overweight isn't just something that is bad for your health, it can be hard on your self-esteem as well. If you have some weight that you are having trouble losing with diet and exercise, then you may want to seek help from a physician. Depending on how much weight you have to lose and the type of results that you want, your doctor may recommend one weight loss solution over another. This article will take a closer look at three ways that you can effectively lose extra weight. 

Medical Weight Loss

One way that you can lose a lot of weight is with a medical weight loss treatment. Typically, medical weight loss will be done either with medication or surgery. With medication, you will be under a physician's monitoring and they will give you medication to help both speed up your metabolism and curb your appetite. 

If your doctor recommends surgery, it will typically be a surgery like gastric bypass surgery in which a band is placed around your stomach to help reduce your appetite. Both of these medical weight loss solutions have helped patients see tremendous weight loss results. 


Another type of weight loss that your doctor may recommend a procedure called CoolSculpting. This non invasive procedure is designed to help patients with small weight loss goals (typically under 30 lbs) achieve their goal weight. During this procedure, your fat will be frozen with ultrasound therapy. When your fat cells are frozen they are damaged, and they will ultimately fall off of your body and be excreted in your urine. although this type of procedure takes a couple of months for patients to see the full results, it does work for many patients. 


Liposuction has continued to be one of the most popular weight loss procedures because it works. During this surgical procedure your doctor will make some incisions in the targeted area, scrape off excess fat, and then they will suction out the extra fat with a device like a cannula (a small medical grade vacuum). 

If you feel like your life's on hold because you are so worried about your physical appearance, then it may be time to get rid of your extra weight once and for all. When you go into talk to your doctor, ask them about all of these option is to see if they think you're a good candidate for any of them. 

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29 August 2019

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