Common Misconceptions About Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is a common type of treatment that many patients will consider undergoing. While there are many benefits that can be enjoyed by undergoing massage therapy, individuals that believe several myths may be dissuaded against the idea of opting to receive these treatment sessions.

Myth: There Are No Health Benefits To Massage Therapy

It is often assumed that a massage will not provide any health benefits to patients. However, there are a number of ways that these sessions can prove to be useful. For example, these treatments can help patients that are suffering from muscle soreness and muscles spasms. Additionally, there can be emotional and mental benefits to these treatments. In order to get the best results from these treatments, individuals may find that they will need to undergo numerous sessions, as the benefits of these massages will often be cumulative. Luckily, these ongoing sessions will often only need to last for several weeks in order for the patient to fully recover. If you find that your problem returns in the future, you should plan on scheduling an appointment as soon as possible, as this may help the massage therapy to limit the ability of the issue to worsen.

Myth: Massage Therapy Sessions Are Always Extremely Long

A reason that individuals may be concerned about undergoing these treatments will be due to a belief that it will take a lengthy amount of time for the massage therapy to be completed. However, most massage therapy sessions will be somewhat short. Depending on the severity of the patient's condition and the services that they are receiving, patients may find that their session will be completed within an hour or less. When you meet with a massage therapist for your initial consultation, they will provide you with a recommended length of time for the massage therapy so that you can plan accordingly if you need to undergo multiple treatment sessions.  

Myth: A Professional Massage Will Be Extremely Uncomfortable Or Painful

It may seem as though the massage session will be painful to undergo. Unfortunately, this belief can be enough to cause some people to avoid undergoing this type of therapy. In fact, most people will find that massage therapy sessions are extremely relaxing and pleasurable to undergo. At the most, some individuals may experience a sense of intense pressure during portions of the massage. If this pressure becomes too much, you should let the staff know. This will allow them to adjust their techniques and pressure to avoid this problem. Furthermore, letting the masseuse know about your discomfort may help them to more accurately diagnose your condition and problem.


28 June 2018

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