Three Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair


Hair breakage is one of the major reasons people have a difficult time handling their hair in the dry and cold winter season. This just dries out your hair even more, making it appear as if there is no moisture here. Here are the three ways might be causing your hair to have this kind of breakage:

  1. Brushing: Excessive brushing of your hair is causing more breakage than you realize. It's putting major stress on your hair and causing easy breakage. You should be gentle with your hair every time you brush it. This means towel drying as much as possible before brushing to loosen up the hair, so the brush isn't pulling wet clumps. You should also consider using a spray or oil specifically for hair reconstruction to pair with your brush to prevent it from getting tangled while brushing. It's going to be brushed smoother with this type of product. 
  2. Ponytails: You wouldn't think that a simple ponytail could cause damage, but it does. This is because you are putting pressure on your hair that reduces strength, which is what leads to not only breakage but split ends, as well. The yanking and pulling of your hair while putting it up and when yanking it out is also causing damage. If you do want to put your hair up, do it gently, and when you're ready to take it out, don't pull it out. Instead, gently untwist the hair tie so that you aren't pulling at all. 
  3. Headbands: Headbands are another common reason hair gets damaged. It's especially damaging the the hairline where the most damage is done when a headband is worn. This is because it sits putting pressure right on the hairline where the hairs are more sensitive. When this happens, it affects your ability to grow healthy, strong hair. If you do wear a headband, be sure that you aren't pulling it out, but instead gently removing it from your head. 

When you know these three ways hair becomes easily damaged, you can prevent it by being more gentle when you do these things to your hair or just by not doing it at all if you can help it. It helps to see a hairdresser on a regular basis to treat your hair with the right cut to help it grow back healthy and strong along with providing you other tips to help with your hair type specifically. 

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5 November 2017

Choosing A Better Salon

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