Three Tips For Keeping Your Hair Extensions Looking Great


Hair extensions are a huge beauty commitment, but they can greatly improve your self-esteem and give you an appearance that you are happy with.  Since extensions can be costly, it is important that you maintain them so that they continue to look like your natural hair.  There are three tips for keeping your hair extensions looking natural.

Wash your hair gently

Vigorous washing can cause your hair extensions to slip down the hair and become tangled and frayed.  Once this starts happening, it is often hard to combat it, and your own hair can become damaged and broken because of it.  When you shower, it is best to detangle before you wet the extensions and wash them. This way the hair is not becoming knotted or tangled.  Combing with a wide-tooth comb afterwards will help the extensions to settle back into place. You also want to make sure that you squeeze the hair with a soft towel to remove any excess water.

Use conditioner in your routine

Simply using conditioner can help keep your hair extensions manageable and easy to style.  Put the conditioner in your hair and work in a downwards motion to the ends of your hair and then comb out gently.  However, it is important not to condition too much, as it can cause your hair to lose its volume and luster.  Overall, conditioning as part of a weekly routine can be extremely helpful for extensions.

Refrain from overheating them

Everyone knows that heat can damage your hair and scalp, but many women with extensions fail to realize that heat can damage those as well.  Letting your hair dry naturally after you wash it is the best way to protect your hair and your extensions from heat damage.  If you don't like your natural hair, there are plenty of online resources to consult about styling naturally dried hair.  There are also many different products on the market that will help prevent causing heat damage to your hair. 

Hair extensions are a huge commitment to your beauty and require a lot of maintenance.  Although they are sometimes a lot of work, they make many women more comfortable with their hair and overall appearance.  With the proper care, you can continue to reuse the hair. Many high-quality weaves and extensions are not synthetic; they are made from human hair. It is important to maintain them as they can be an investment.  For more information, contact a service like


27 July 2017

Choosing A Better Salon

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