Things To Expect During Your First Asian Massage Appointment


If you're looking for a massage to soothe your achy muscles, one approach that you might take is to seek out an Asian massage clinic. Generally, Asian massage clinics are slightly different than standard therapeutic massage clinics — the former will often offer its customers extended hours, for example. An Asian massage can be just the ticket to helping you relax, although you'll want to have a few things in mind in advance of your first visit. Here are some things to expect during your first Asian massage appointment.

There May Be A Language Barrier

At some Asian massage clinics, those administering the massages may be recent arrivals from overseas, and this may mean that they're not fluent in English. Although you can get by through body language — for example, you can point to your back or chest if you want these areas massaged — you shouldn't hesitate to speak to the clinic administrator, who will often greet you upon arrival. This person will characteristically speak English more fluently, so you can pass along any requests that you have, and these details will then be shared with the person who gives you your massage.

You May Experience Some Surprising Techniques

If you attend therapeutic massages regularly, you'll likely know what to expect — even if you frequently switch between practitioners. During your first Asian massage, you may be surprised to see some different techniques being used. For example, some practitioners may actually climb onto the table in order to exert more pressure on your muscles. You may find that the person giving you the massage straddles your lower body and leans on your body with her elbows. This pressure can be intense, so just make sure that you let the person know whether you're comfortable with the pressure or whether you'd like it decreased a little.

You Don't Have To Get "Extras"

At certain Asian massage clinics, there are "extra" services that can be obtained for an additional fee. It's important to know that you don't need to get these services. You can simply enjoy a quality massage to help loosen your tight muscles. At some clinics, the practitioner will wait for the customer to ask about extra services; at others, the practitioner may bring up the topic if the customer doesn't approach it. If the latter is the case, you can simply decline it and enjoy the remainder of your massage as you would at any type of massage clinic.For more information, contact companies like Silver Star Spa.


20 July 2017

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